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Julia has more than 30 years of counseling experience in college and church ministries. She now combines her past counseling and life experiences with a Master’s in Counseling from Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, MS where she greatly grew in her understanding and skills in integrating God’s Word and His World to better counsel the whole person–body, spirit, and mind.

As a Provisionally Licensed Professional Counselor, Julia has completed all of the educational requirements for state licensure.  She is currently working to fulfill the requirements for clinical counseling experience under the supervision of Mike Hillerman, LPC-S.

Julia’s approach to counseling provides a warm and trusting environment where the client feels free to examine patterns of behavior, thoughts, or emotions that are causing concern.  She therapeutically uses a variety of theoretical approaches in an attempt to match the client, the issue, and the counseling method to achieve the client’s goals.  She gravitates toward compassionate counseling approaches and evidence-based practices that emphasize the worth and dignity of the client while seeking to provide practical strategies for managing emotions, fostering increased self-awareness, healthy interpersonal relationships, and creative problem-solving abilities.

Every person wants to feel safe and seen in a safe environment.

Julia is passionate about working with women, couples, and families.


Life’s journey is full of blessings and battles.  A woman is uniquely designed to navigate through these blessings and battles.  Julia believes women are societally positioned to be in great need of being seen and heard in a safe environment where loving herself correctly is prioritized as just as important as loving others compassionately.


Julia believes a healthy relationship is made up of two healthy people. She believes we bring our childhood attachment styles into relationships causing us to pursue or avoid intimacy.  Julia is certified in Gottman Level 1 and Prepare and Enrich Assessment for Premarital Couples.


Julia believes that the person whose problem boils over to the point to bring the family in for help is only a symptom of what is happening in the whole family system.  She believes the greatest hope for a healthier family system is heather individuals in the system.  Julia teaches family members how to own their pain and needs in a relationship, and then gain empowerment to possibly become healing agents in the lives of other family members.

“I cannot adequately put into words how much my time in therapy with Julia Henderson has helped me. She is empathetic and validating of my experiences, helps me to process through my emotions in a healthy, biblical way, and gently leads me in growth as a whole person. She has shown me how to recognize what is my problem to fix and what is outside my control. She’s helped me learn not to take on the emotions of others, and to live my life grounded in my identity in Christ. God put Julia in my life at just the right time, and I am so very grateful!” – client testimony

Her experience and education have prepared her to work with clients who present with many issues including:

Julia is originally from Alabama. She has lived in Memphis, TN since completing her “Roll Tide” undergraduate degree at The University of Alabama. She and her husband of 31 years have a quiver full of 2 married sons and four grandchildren. They left all that was familiar and moved to Jackson, MS in 2019 for her to get her Master of Arts in Counseling. They had every intention of immediately moving back to Memphis to their life of familiarity, but God’s plan was for them was to settle in Jackson for a season. They are passionate about trusting God to use them to ‘take care of His Kingdom while believing Him to take care of their kingdom’.

Julia loves to read, thrift shop, use her gift of hospitality to make her home welcoming and warm to family and friends, and watch Alabama football. Her four grandchildren make her heart soar and easily claim the number one privilege and blessing of being in the ‘winter season’ of life.

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  • Provisional Licensed Professional Counselor, State of Mississippi
  • Master of Arts in Counseling, Reforming Theological Seminary, Jackson, Miss.
  • B.S. Business Administration, The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Ala.
  • Certified Gottman Therapist, Level 1
  • Certified Prepare & Enrich Premarital Counselor
  • TeleMental Health Certified