Parenting a child is one of the most joyous, fulfilling yet challenging aspects of life. No one approaches the parenting experience in a vacuum but brings his or her own story to it. Your own personality and your own life story of how you were parented will inevitably shape your parenting choices. Counseling for parenting issues can be a transformative experience both for you and for your child. Throughout the therapy process you will explore how you get triggered by your child’s actions, where your own deep hurts and woundedness originate from and what are some healthy ways in which you can learn to relate to your little one. We will help you find compassionate ways for you to help your child resolve emotional hurts, soothe your crying baby and be an awesome nighttime parent (which is one of the hardest jobs anyone could ever have)! You will learn how to extricate yourself out of power struggles, survive the toddler years and even remain kind and compassionate in the midst of it!

The best parents in the world are parents who are emotionally healthy and have done their own work.