I’ve come to realize that my life is worth living and I am worth being loved.

After many years of trying to deal with my severe anxiety issues, my medical doctor recommended Caty Coffey as a counselor.  With caring, understanding, and the ability to see past the obvious, I feel Caty has enabled me to attain a level of freedom I couldn’t have achieved on my own.   She has helped me process the experiences that had so crippled my life.  For me, finding someone I could trust to speak into my life was crucial.  Caty is above all trustworthy and competent, and I am very grateful for the new life I now have because of her counsel.

I cannot adequately put into words how much my time in therapy with Julia Henderson has helped me. She is empathetic and validating of my experiences, helps me to process through my emotions in a healthy, biblical way, and gently leads me in growth as a whole person. She has shown me how to recognize what is my problem to fix and what is outside my control. She’s helped me learn not to take on the emotions of others, and to live my life grounded in my identity in Christ. God put Julia in my life at just the right time, and I am so very grateful!