Our Story…

In late spring of 2013, a partnership emerged between Caty Coffey, Marti Witherow and Russell Schulte. All three were entrepreneurially minded, highly trained and experienced therapists practicing their craft within the same local counseling center. Their partnership seemed to burst forth by a simple spoken idea…

‘What do you think about starting something new together?’

Once spoken, this idea quickly grew into a dream and began revealing itself as the leading force into the future. It required risking failure. It required facing their fears. It required courage to leave behind all things familiar. The pursuit of this dream has brought forth discoveries that continue to deepen their faith and connect them with the stories of all those that come through the doors seeking help. It has forged the essence and identity of Watershed Counseling.

Our story intensifies our commitment to stay grounded and connected with the difficulties of those seeking our help on their journey. Our story always guides us to remember there are risks and fears facing those pursing a new beginning. Our story inspires us to believe in the power of courage when pressing into something overwhelming that does not always seem to make sense or be easily understood. In the end, our story declares to us that continuing to move forward has proven worth it.

  • For all the marriages that we have witnessed finding respite and renewal here, it has proven worth it.
  • For all the broken hearted and anxiety laden souls that receive a compassionate ear and a timely, empathic word here, it has proven worth it.
  • For every family that has experienced the reconnection with feelings of hope and healing here, it has proven worth it.

We devote ourselves to never forget our story in hopes that if you decide to join it we will both agree that it has proven worth it.