A Common, but Serious, Mood Disorder

Counseling for depression is one of the most requested services at Watershed Counseling. This disorder may knock on your door in a variety of ways. You may feel lethargic, having no energy or spark left in you. Perhaps you may no longer want to connect with people or enjoy activities you used to get excited about. The symptoms affect how you feel, think, and handle daily activities, such as sleeping, eating, or working out. Many signs and symptoms for exist, and not everyone who is depressed experiences every symptom. Major depression carries the heaviest burden of disability of all mental and behavioral disorders.

In 2012 almost 7% of adult Americans had at least one major depressive episode.

Depression Affects Both Men and Women

Major depression affects both men and women. However, more women than men are diagnosed with the disorder. This higher prevalence might be the result of a greater social-acceptance among women or that the hormonal make-up of the female brain’s is more susceptible. The disorder also hits men hard. Male depression is a common problem and treatment requires a skilled and informed approach.

Help is Here

Watershed therapists can help you through this difficult-to-manage illness. Whether your symptoms are barely noticeable, or you are in a deeply burdened state, please contact us.