Help for When Your Partner Cheats

Being married to or having divorced from a sex addict is more than just a hard adjustment — it is traumatic.

As many as 70% of partners experience various layers of trauma upon discovering their betraying partner’s hidden sexual behaviors or cheating. The symptoms of betrayal trauma can overcome you all at once or creep up at a later time.

Symptoms of Betrayal Trauma

  • Experiencing constant anxiety that your partner will cheat or is still cheating.
  • Questioning if you can ever trust your spouse again, or anyone — even God.
  • Wondering if you could have done more to prevent the infidelity.
  • Being burdened by the feelings of shame and not being good enough.
  • Inability to stop checking your spouse’s phone or computer.
  • Going back and forth between “Do I leave him, or do I try to work it out?”

Betrayal trauma is real, and it cuts deep. It feels as if your world is crashing down upon you. You don’t have to go through this alone. You are enough and your spouse’s addiction is not your fault.

At Watershed, we use the Multidimensional Partner Trauma Model with our clients to walk them through healing safely and effectively.