Looking for the Sacred in Everyday Parenting

Attachment Parenting from a Christian Perspective

Honor God with your parenting.

This post about parenting is a continuation of the series I have started earlier and is based on Numbers 8-10 in the Bible. Please take a minute to read that passage with me.

Sacred Rituals vs. Mundane Routine

Changing diapers, washing clothes, getting diaper bags and snacks ready for when we leave the house, the list goes on. It seems like the everyday mundane routine of life bears no resemblance to the sacred rituals laid out before us in these passages. Every day is filled with doing more of the same life essentials.

Is there really a greater purpose embedded in these everyday occurrences? The Lord here gives specific instructions about personal purification as one prepares to be fit for His service.

External Signs vs. Internal Need

All of the Israelites were called to set themselves apart for the Lord by observing the Passover, but the Levites were under special scrutiny. Their responsibility involved a meticulous way of cleansing themselves, a long, detailed process of getting rid of all external sign of “defilement,” much like lepers had to be healed and cleansed before they could join the congregation again.

When we change a poopy diaper or bathe our children at night, we are reminded over and over again of the short-lived glory that our bodies can enjoy here on earth. Bathing today won’t prevent us from getting dirty again tomorrow. Changing a diaper won’t hold off another diaper change for too long!

Much like our own, as well as our children’s, need to be cleansed requires a permanent internal change that will last regardless of our body’s physical condition. What a great responsibility and privilege it is to raise our children instilling in them their need for Christ!

Secure Attachment will Lead a Child to Enjoy the Moment

When a child has a secure attachment figure in her life, her heart can sense a piece of the beautiful design that God had originally intended for her relationally. She can relax and learn to enjoy the moment. She will still have a need for internal cleansing and for her to own the meaning of “Passover,” but she can also taste the beauty of the external blessings that God had intended for His children to enjoy.

Help from Watershed Counseling

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