Find Yourself in 2019: Four Paths to Self Improvement

From Self Help to Professional Counseling

Woman working on self-improvement through journaling on a patio.

Are negative thoughts distracting you from becoming the person you want to be? Keep reading to discover four ways you can work to quiet those thoughts and improve yourself in the new year.

1. Ask Yourself Questions

It has been said that you can only grow to the degree that you are asking questions. In other words, once you stop being curious and asking questions about something, you no longer will know it in its current form.

We are always growing and evolving in our knowledge and understanding of that knowledge. If you don’t ask yourself questions, you won’t really know yourself, and if you don’t know yourself, you can’t possibly expect to know how to change or improve.

When we take the risk of answering honestly about the right kind of questions, it can lead to some deep discoveries of why we might be doing what we are doing. This gives birth to opportunities to become more empowered over your life in getting the things that you need.

Ready? Start with these:

  • “What motivates me to get up in the morning and why?”
  • “Why am I passionate about the things that I am passionate?”
  • “Why do I believe [insert thought], and how did I come to believe it?”
  • “What are dreams I have for myself, my marriage, my career, my children, etc.?”
  • “How am I reacting and coping with my dreams being unfulfilled?”

Write your answers down to the above questions and come back to them every now and again. Answer them again after some time and see if your answers change.

2. Write in a Journal

Plain or digital paper is fine, but if you want to make the emotional task of writing a little easier, you can get a beautiful new notebook from a local Jackson paper store like Fresh Ink, Beacon, and The Paper Place.

Identify Your Fears

Journal about what you are afraid of. Our fears act as the navigation system for what we do as well as with whom we associate, avoid, and judge. When you objectify your fear, you give yourself a chance to master it. If you don’t identify what your fears are by writing the down or speaking them aloud, they will continue to hold the wheel of your life.

Be Radically Honest

One last suggestion — be dangerously unfiltered when you journal. Don’t hold back when talking about your feelings, even if they sound crazy or immature. Don’t evaluate what you wrote right away — leave it for another time. Consider journaling a way to see what has been hiding in the shadows of your heart — a sort of confession to yourself that can bring you feelings of relief and clarity.

3. Get Feedback

Solicit Constructive Criticism from Someone you Trust

We know, we know. It’s one thing to journal into a private book and another to have to share it with a real life person! Many people draw the line here. However, the more you are willing to discover and face your fears, the more you will experience long-term relief from fear, shame, and loneliness.

Find people in your life that you know you can safely express your fears with. The process of finding people like this is difficult and requires wisdom and discernment. Consider some of the things you are less ashamed to share and see how they react.

4. Talk to a Therapist

Sometimes a professional counselor is exactly what you need to get unstuck and on the right path towards living with more perspective and hope. This is especially helpful when you cannot find anyone in your life where you can share what you are discovering inside. A professional will provide a non judgmental environment. They have the training to help you better understand  and orientation to the awarenesses being gained.


If you live in central Mississippi and are looking for help with your personal growth and development, Watershed Counseling can help. Send us a message to set up an appointment or call our office at (601) 362-7020.